FAQ Sheet

Maroondah Magic Basketball Club have compiled the following list of frequently asked questions which will assist you in understanding more about basketball, our club and the competition we participate in.

At any time, should you have any queries please refer to our website or contact one of our Age Group Co-ordinator’s (also listed in this document). We hope you find the following information useful.

Do you have a website?We sure do! Our website is www.maroondahmagic.com.au. We will reference the website throughout this document as a source to find more information.

You may also like to join our Facebook page to keep up with other club news. Search for: Maroondah Magic Basketball Inc.

Tell me about Maroondah Magic Basketball Club:


Maroondah Magic are one of the largest domestic basketball clubs in the outer east with over 1000 members. Our club prides itself on being a welcoming and friendly club for the whole family.  Basketball keeps children fit, enables them to learn valuable skills, make new friends and have fun. We compete in the Kilsyth & Mountain District Basketball Association (KMDBA) and are proud to have multiple teams in all ages.
Who are the Kilsyth and Mountain Districts Basketball Association (KMDBA)?Kilsyth and Mountain Districts Basketball Association (KMDBA) is the largest basketball Association in Australia with approximately 1050 teams competing every week. For more information visit their website at: http://www.kilsythbasketball.com.au/
How do basketball ‘seasons’ work?Summer Season 
The Summer Season commences at the start of Term 4 and concludes with the Grand Final usually in the last week of Term 1. Winter SeasonThe Winter Season commences at the start of Term 2 and concludes with the Grand Final usually in the last week of Term 3.
What days are boys and girl’s competition games played?Currently, games are played on the following days. This is subject to change:

·         Boys play on Saturday’s. 

·         Miniball – U10 Girls play on Tuesday’s. 

·         U12 Girls upwards play on Wednesday’s. 

How much does it cost to register for a season?The following represents the ‘per season’ fee for registration as at August 2017. These fees are subject to change:

·         Miniball $55.00

·         Aged single player $80.00

·         Fee for two players $150.00

·         Fee for three or more players $200.00

How do you register and pay fees?Registration is processed online as are the payment of the fees. This is actioned via the club’s website: www.maroondahmagic.com.au. The link to registration is on the home page. Payments are accepted via credit card.
Do you have to have a uniform when playing games?Yes. All players must wear the Maroondah Magic Uniform when playing competition games for our club.
Where and how can I get a uniform?Uniforms are available from the Maroondah Magic Basketball Club ‘Uniform Shop’ based at Dorset Primary School. The shop hours can be found on our website. We also run additional sessions for uniform fittings and sales prior to the new season and also at commencement of new season.
Is my child ‘insured’ for injury when they are training and playing basketball with Maroondah Magic?


To be covered by insurance when injured, all new players (and coaches) are to fill in a ‘Purple Form’ called the ‘Kilsyth & Mountain District Basketball Association Inc. Membership Application Form’. This form should be handed in prior to your first game with payment (juniors cost $1.10 and 18 and over costs $2.20 – fee subject to change). The form (and payment) covers players for injuries incurred at training and games.
How many age groups are there?We are proud to have teams across all age groups. Age groups are from ‘Mini Ball’ (5-8 years old) through to U9 up to U21.
How do you form the teams?There is a great deal of work that goes into forming teams. The clubs Age Group Co-ordinators are responsible for this task. A combination of factors is considered such as the player’s age, ability, and availability for particular training days, friends in teams etc. Once the teams are formed they are communicated to the team’s coach who advises each family.
Who coaches the teams?Teams are coached by volunteer Coaches who are approved and allocated by the club. Coaches are supported by the clubs Age Level Co-ordinators and Mentor Coaches where required. The club also run coaching clinics through the year for Coaches. All Coaches hold a Working with Children Check. If you are interested in becoming a Coach, please contact the Age Group Co-ordinator or a Coaching Coordinator – contacts details are on our website.
When do we find out what team we are playing in?


Once teams are finalised, the allocated Coach for that team will contact each family. This generally occurs within the school holidays prior to the season starting. The coach will introduce themselves, advise of the day and location for training and when training will commence.
What do I do if my child is sick/injured and can’t play a game?


If your child is sick or injured, you must advise your Coach as soon as possible.
What is the role of the Team Manager?Each team seeks a parent who volunteers to be the teams ‘Team Manager’. This person is the conduit between the club and the individual team. They are also accountable for collecting playing fees from players and paying for the ‘team’ fee each week at the respective stadium. Team Managers are supported with tools and resources and by the clubs ‘Team Manager Co-ordinator’.
What is a MM number?MM stands for ‘Maroondah Magic’. When teams are formed for each season they are allocated a ‘number’ (this number will generally change from season to season). This is to enable the team to be accounted for in the competition. For example, if your team is referred to as ‘MM 20’ you will know that this stands for Maroondah Magic 20 – this will enable you to find your team’s fixture / results online.
How do I find my child’s fixture of games?There are multiple ways to find your child’s fixture. The best way is via the Maroondah Magic Website. You can also find them at:

·         Kilsyth Basketball Website – click ‘Domestic Fixtures’

·         SportsTG Website or Mobile App’s

Where do players train?Maroondah Magic conduct training at the following schools. You will be advised where your team is training, and on what day prior to the commencement of the season via your coach. Training venues include:

·         Dorset Primary

·         Tinternvale Primary

·         Ruskin Park Primary

·         Kalinda Primary

·         Melba Secondary School – Senior and Junior Campus’s

·         Billanook Collage

What do you have to take to training?Players are required to bring their own basketball to training and a bottle of water. Basketball sizes per age groupings are:

·         Mini Ball – Size 5

·         U9 – U21 Girls – Size 6

·         U9 – U14 Boys – Size 6

·         U15 and above Boys – Size 7

Where are, games played?Games are played at the following stadiums:

·         Kilsyth Sports Centre: 115 Liverpool Road Kilsyth,

·         Lilydale Basketball Stadium: Hutchinson Street, Lilydale

·         Oxley Stadium: Old Melbourne Rd, Chirnside Park

.         Melba College Sports Stadium, 20 Brentnall Road, Croydon

Do you have to pay to watch the team play?Built into the Junior and Senior Domestic team sheet fee is door entry for all players and spectators, eliminating the need to pay entry at the door for each venue you visit.
Is there a fee for players each game?Yes. Each player pays a game fee at each game. This fee is provided to the Team Manager when you arrive at the game. The ‘fee’ may change from time to time however is generally around $5.00 per game.
How do I contact the Club?You can find the contact details for the club via our Website www.maroondahmagic.com.au. Contact details for all age group coordinators are on here as well as the Committee.

We also have a great Facebook page which can be found by searching for: ‘Maroondah Magic Basketball Inc’.

Age Group Co-Ordinators











Our Age Group Coordinators role is to support the coaches and teams in that given age group. You can always ask questions of your coach, or you can contact your Age Group Coordinator. Our current Age Group Coordinators are:



U7–U8:   Nat McCartney                                   0419 545 533

U7–U10:  Megan Deayton                                      0413 303 746

U9–U12: Peter Cunningham                            0400 577 476

U12-U16: Mandy McLellan                                    0408 387 838

U13–U15: Carl Kensley                                      0481 184 080

U18-U21 – Stuart McEvoy                                        0411 236 424

U16–U21: Faye Putney                                      0411 343 755

With thanks,

Maroondah Magic Basketball Club Committee.